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The combination of creative ideas with innovative state-of-the-art technology, experienced design, the knowledge of well-working cost effective concepts and concentration on the basics leads us to fascinating practical solutions and economic  products.

Organisation Profile

Spectral Systems Peter R. Perzl was founded in 1995 by P.Perzl on the basis of many years of successful experience in different operative- and management- functions in high-tech- and machine-industry and is dealing since then in investigation, design, production and sales of analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and customer-specific physical instruments. The integration into a network of highly specialised cooperation-partners and suppliers is the basis for a broadly spread and competent - but very fast and cost-effective organisation profile. The cooperation  with experienced free-lancers and consultants gives a high degree of flxibility. There is furtheron an intensive exchange of ideas and experience with leading European universities, institutions and industrial companies. The cooperation with excellent sales-partners guaranties a qualified profound custumer support and competent serice. 


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