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Autosampler AWD 10 (50)

- an important step for the rationalisation of your lab -

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Instead of the manual version where the crucibles have to be placed into the furnace by tweezers there is the possibility to order the instrument with an automatic handling device. In this case the furnace is charged from magazines containing 10 (AWD 10) or a turntable-magazine with 50 crucibles (AWD 50), ready with samples. The complete temperature resistant magazines with crucibles and samples then may be prepared in an external laboratory-furnace to dry or ash the samples. Hereby the ETV as well as the ICP are prevented from being loaded with water vapor etc., also the time needed for the analysis itself will be reduced.

The processing of a magazine then takes place automatically when the integrated communication interface to the spectrometer is used. The saved time may be used for evaluating the results or for to prepare the next analysis series etc.

Additionally the autosampler can be equipped with a Sartorius- microbalance. So also the weighting of the samples can be partly automated. Using the balance the net and the sample weights of a complete magazine can be taken and saved, or the balance can be used to weight the samples directly into the crucibles, or it also can be used to weight a sample while the sample before is being analysed.

Furnace, autosampler and microbalance are on a separate unit which is placed besides the basic instrument shown above. Autosampler and balance can be mounted subsequently to any ETV 4000 system of the series 2000 delivered beginning with September 1999. It is also possible to buy an autosampler without microbalance and to retrofit the balance at a later date or use an external balance.

The balance is also available as a separate desktop-unit with cover etc. without integration into the sampler. In this case the ETV-unit is free for further analysis while already new samples are being weighed.


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