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GDS (Glow Discharge Source, Glimmlampe)

GDS uses a low-pressure glow discharge chamber where the solid sample acts as the cathode. The part of the sample that has contact to the discharge is being sputtered by Argon-ions that are accelerated in the plasma towards its surface ("cathode sputtering").  At the same time the sample material that is being eroded at a spot of 1 to 8mm is being excitated in the plasma. The intensity of the emitted light is low so that sensitive spectrometers are necessary.

Glow-discharge-sources are suited very well for surface- and layer-analysis because of the nearly flat and parallel sample erosion. Since about 15 years rf-operated sources are common; these systems allow as well the analysis of conductive and non-conductive samples.

By special sample holders today also cylindrically or spherically shaped and even porous samples can easily be run without any problems and without embedding.


rf/dc-GDS-source with typical samples

Spectral Systems sales besides spare parts for several GDS-Spectrometers also add-ons (for example a sample adapter for round samples, sets for retrofittings and seperate stand-alone GDS-systems.


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