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Thermo Fisher Scientific                  Manufacturer of CID-Spectrometers   

Spectro                                               Manufacturer of CCD-Spectrometers   

Leco Instrumente GmbH                   Manufacturer of GDS-and ICP/MS-Spectrometers

GWP GmbH                                       Material Analysis               

Spetec GmbH                                    Production and salas of ICP-supplies

Spectrotec GmbH                             Production and salas of ICP-supplies

Analytik Support                                ICP-consulting and -training

Spectroscopynet                               many infos about spektroscopy and more

Plasmachem                                     Internet-forum about ICP, DCP...

GDS-Net                                            EU-Network on GDS

TAZ GmbH                                        Material analysis (GDS mainly) 


Institut für Kristallzüchtung IKZ

BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung

Sartorius AG                                      Microbalances

DRC Unternehmensberatung


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