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Publications sur l'ETV:

Electrothermal vaporisation and laser ablation sample introduction for flame and plasma spectroscopic analysis of solid and solution samples (review), Tibor Kántor, Spectrochimica Acta Part B (2001) 1523-1563

Working With a Modern ETV-Device and an ICP-CID-Spectrometer, J.Hassler, A.Detcheva, O.Förster, P.Perzl, K.Flórián, Annali di Chimica, 89, 1999, by Societŕ Chimica Italiana

Moderne chemische Analysenverfahren von keramischen Werkstoffen, J.Hassler, O.Förster, K.A.Schwetz, cfi/Ber.DKG 77 (2000) No.7

Moderne spektrochemische Feststoffanalytik mittels dc-arc-OES und elektrothermischer Verdampfung (ETV/ICP), P.Perzl, J.Hassler,

Bestimmung von Metallspuren in hochreinem Siliciumcarbid mittels ETV-ICP-OES, R.Bertram, D.Siche, J.Hassler, O.Förster, P.Perzl, CANAS Freiberg, 2003  (powerpoint-file)

Die moderne ETV in ICP-OES-Kopplung und ihre Möglichkeiten, J.Hassler, O.Förster, P.Perzl, K.Flórian, CANAS 1999

Studies for Calibration Techniques of Electrothermal Vaporisation Analysis (ETV-ICP-OES) Using Liquid and Solid Standards, J.Hassler, P.Perzl, O.Förster, G.Zaray, K.Flórián, R.Bertram, CSI 2003

Solid Sample Analysis of non-metallic elements (I,P,S) via Electrothermal Vaporisation by Optical Emission Spectroscopy with Inductively Coupled Plasma, J.Hassler, P.Perzl, G.Zaray, Furnace Conference Sofia, 2002  (pdf-file)

Electrothermal Vaporisation (ETV-ICP-OES) for Direct Solid Sample Analysis, J.Hassler, P.Perzl, CSI Südafrika, 2001  (pdf-file)

A Modern Electrothermal Vaporisation Instrumentation (ETV-ICP-OES) and it´s Application to Environmental and Biological Samples, J.Hasler, O.Förster, P.Perzl, Eger, 2001   (pdf-file)

EU 2037/2000  EC-regulation ozone / use of holocarbons  (pdf-file)



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